Frequently Asked Questions?

The three wallets are :

  • Passive Income wallet
  • Commission wallet
  • Activation wallet

Passive Income wallet is a wallet that will reflect all your income collected as daily returns on investment.

Commission wallet will contain all income that you have earned through Referral, Matching, Royalty, Rewards etc. so basically it’s a safe keep for holding all your incomes except Passive Income.

Activation wallet on the other hand is like a fund of the member himself. User/member can add to that fund and store it, or this fund can also be used for transfer to downline or top-up to downline.

A user can use any of the three wallets for making transfers. Track of all transfers both inward and outward will be maintained to enable complete transparency of transactions.

We do not charge any fees for making downline transfers.

The amount in Commission wallet and Passive Income Wallet can be transferred to any user and such amount will be credited to the Activation wallet of the receiver.

While any amount transferred from Activation Wallet will be credited to the Activation Wallet of the receiver.

A user account will be termed as inactive or expired after it reaches its expiry date. Such expiry date is the same date as package expiry. A user will not be allowed to process any withdrawal request after expiry of the account. After expiry of the package the expired account will be treated as a new account. Inactive accounts will remain in our system, even if they are not re-activated.

A user can make Passive withdrawal request anytime, 10% charge is levied for Passive Income Payout.

Whereas a request for Commission income can be made only through an admin user account. The Working income withdrawal request can be made only on Friday.

A deduction of 10% will be charged on working income withdrawal.

Please note that the Minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

Binary income is the income that a user will receive if he/she successfully adds on both right and left downline, at least one member each. Binary income will be automatically credited to the working wallet of the user.

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