Terms & Conditions

The Bitcodeals is a registered company having its registered office at 28 Green Tower, New York City, USA. Bitcodeals began working as MLM based investment business in successful Trading of bitcoins and other cryptocurrency through Our Traders worldwide.


Bitcodeals is a direct selling based, investment company that operates on MLM network. We have our traders who trade and earns across the world. Such investment will come from users that will become a part of our business plan. The returns earned from Trading is the profit of Bitcodeals and will be divided proportionally among its various users or members.

We deal in trading of cryptocurrencies and will start mining of the same in Future.


User/You: Any reference to you/user made in this document is directed towards people who use or invest in our investment plans and have/ or willing to purchase any of our plans for investment and enter into a network based investment policy with Bitcodeals.

We/website/business/company : These terms are used simultaneously or interchangeably to refer to Bitcodeals and its working module to carry out its trade.

Contract/agreement: Refers to a legal binding upon people registering and agreeing to invest in Bitcodeals and adhere to its guidelines to carry out its investment networking business in like manners as stated and uphold by the company.


Bitcodeals is fully aware of its responsibilities of true and fair investments business and therefore all our investment policies are disclosed on our website Bitcodeals.com. We believe in complete transparency and have made available all documents and agreements with Traders to our members for their reference and trust.

Bitcodeals reserves the rights to change, modify, add or delete any clause or subclause in its investment policy without informing its members in advance. Members are henceforth requested to keep checking our investment policy to stay updated.


Upon agreeing to use the services of the website, you/user agree to its terms and conditions which shall be legally binding upon you/user

The nature of contract been user and website is that of a valid legal contract final and binding upon both parties to the contract.

In order to enable user to enter into a working contract with us, he must be at least 18 years or above.

In case where a user is a minor or not of legal age, any contract made by him/her with the company or with a third party will be held void-ab-initio.

Falsification of identity is a punishable offence, if you are a minor, please exit this website immediately.


The website Bitcodeals.com is the official website of our company and users must register with our website to become a part of this investment networking. Users will be required to register with us, after which they will be given an unique account, that only they can operate.

Such account will have login information and plan details that the user has opted for. It will also reflect all the activities of the user within our network, like, creating new downlines, adding members, earnings and withdrawals and activities of the downline of user as well.

A user needs to login to the website using his login details to view all the information relating to his activities as well as activities of the downline he created.

Users of the website who do not wish to become a part of our network may exit the website immediately. No unnecessary signing up or registering will be entertained.

The website Bitcodeals is a medium of communication, supply of information and a portal to carry all necessary activities related to our business. Website will serve as a reliable source to feed in information into our systems and redirection (if required) to safer sites for secure transactions will be made from the website’s secured gateways only.


The website serves as a platform for communication and information in general and henceforth can be modified at anytime without prior notice. However all the trading and business related services will be conducted through secured channels and gateways of which links will be provided on the website.


Bitcodeals understands its responsibility towards protecting the rights of its users but at the same time takes due diligence that none of its users or potential uses are harmed ( financially) owing to the nature of it business.

Since we are network based investment company, we understand protecting the people from fraudulent activities and hence we conduct multi-level verification and authentication of every personal details provided to us by our users.

We have framed policies that do not violate your fundamental right to privacy but at the same time, it provides discretion to collect, check, verify and store all such information as deemed necessary to stop any money laundering activity on any measure.

We accept or collect information from you original ID proof that are issued by the Government. Bitcodeals will also collect information from your utility bills as a proof of your address. Such utility bills( as mailed to you) will be collect from past three months time to verify your details.

Bitcodeals will Store all your recorded information in its systems and with adherence to its privacy policy. In case of an inactive account, the information in our systems will still be safely recorded for any future use or to defend Bitcodeals against any claims.

The Bitcodeals will not be held liable or will not indemnify any person of any loss, caused by the activities, or misconduct or malpractice or misuse of any information of its users beyond the knowledge of the company or beyond the scope of the business of the organisation.

This statement to terms and condition is a general overview of our policies and practices. Bitcodeals will not be held liable for any misinterpreted, misrepresentation of facts and figures given on its website by the users.

Any disputes between Bitcodeals and second part or third party or party to first and second party, will be held in the local jurisdiction court, where company’s head office is situated.

I have read and agreed to the above terms and conditions of use of this website.

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